We found 7 campgrounds near Macumba, SA.

Photo of Purni Bore

French Line, South Australia

Purni Bore

1 Rating
Photo of Dalhousie Springs Camping Area

Oodnadatta, South Australia

Dalhousie Springs Camping Area

2 Ratings
Photo of Mt Dare

Mt Dare, South Australia

Mt Dare

3 Ratings
Photo of North creek

South Australia

North creek

1 Rating
Photo of 3 O'Clock Creek Campground

Mt Dare Dalhousie Springs Rd, South Australia

3 O'Clock Creek Campground

0 Ratings
Photo of Algebuckina Railway Bridge

Oodnadatta Track, Algebuckina, South Australia

Algebuckina Railway Bridge

0 Ratings
Photo of Peak Creek

South Australia

Peak Creek

0 Ratings