Top 44 campsites for fishing near Australia's Golden Outback

Fancy a bit of fishing alongside your camping trip this weekend? We've got you covered. Here are 44 campsites with fishing around Australia's Golden Outback.

Photo of Alexander Bay

Alexander Rd, Howick, Western Australia

Alexander Bay

3 Ratings
Photo of Jundoo Dam

Unnamed Road, Sandstone, Western Australia

Jundoo Dam

2 Ratings
Photo of Wattle Dune Camp

Unnamed Road, Eucla, Western Australia

Wattle Dune Camp

6 Ratings
Photo of Wattle Camp

Israelite Bay, Western Australia

Wattle Camp

1 Rating
Photo of Thomas Fishery Campground

Western Australia

Thomas Fishery Campground

2 Ratings
Photo of Starvation Bay Campground

Southern Ocean Rd, Jerdacuttup, Western Australia

Starvation Bay Campground

5 Ratings
Photo of St Mary's Inlet

Point Ann Rd, Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

St Mary's Inlet

1 Rating
Photo of Skippy Rock

7km From Springdale Rd, Stokes National Park, Western Australia

Skippy Rock

2 Ratings
Photo of Quagi Beach

Farrells Rd, Esperance, Western Australia

Quagi Beach

7 Ratings
Photo of Munglinup Beach Caravan Park

714 Munglinup Beach Rd, East Munglinup, Western Australia

Munglinup Beach Caravan Park

5 Ratings
Photo of Membinup Beach

Daniels Rd, Howick, Western Australia

Membinup Beach

5 Ratings
Photo of Mason Bay Campground

Speciosa Rd, Jerdacuttup, Western Australia

Mason Bay Campground

6 Ratings
Photo of Malcolm Dam Nature Reserve

Leonora, Western Australia

Malcolm Dam Nature Reserve

3 Ratings
Photo of Lake Towerrinning Camping

Moodiarrup Rd West, Moodiarrup, Western Australia

Lake Towerrinning Camping

4 Ratings
Photo of Lucky Bay Campground

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia

Lucky Bay Campground

11 Ratings
Photo of Israelite Bay

Israelite Bay, Western Australia

Israelite Bay

2 Ratings
Photo of Hamersley Inlet Campground

Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

Hamersley Inlet Campground

3 Ratings
Photo of Cape Le Grand Beach

Cape Le Grand Rd, Cape Le Grand, Western Australia

Cape Le Grand Beach

3 Ratings