Murray East

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Photo of Nicole W.

Ludlows Reserve

Really nice. Find a place right next to the shore. There are some tables and a toilette block with flush toilettes. There is an artistic climbing fram...
Posted 1 month ago
Photo of Corey H.

Ludlows Reserve

Great spot next to the lake. Not too big, not too small. Clean amenities and bins
Posted 1 month ago
Photo of Jordan Kagan Gescheit

Richardsons Bend

Pretty cool bush camping site. There were a couple of people that have set up more permanent homes/caravans in the area. They were friendly, but it wa...
Posted 9 months ago
Photo of Alice P.

Ludlows Reserve

Great view of the lake ! Good facilities for a free camp spot Definitely bring your fishing rod
Posted 1 year ago
Photo of chantelle w.

Ludlows Reserve

What’s the toilet like? Doesn’t look there’s much opportunity to dig a hole if the toilets gross
Asked 1 year ago