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Nikola C.
1 year ago

When we came, the river was FLOODED. Not worth it when the river is like that. I wrote my review below before realising it’s *probably* because of the flooding. But honest review for when it’s flooded! Haha. This is one of the worst camp sites I’ve ever seen. I can’t even understand how it’s a camp site. We came here based on all the reviews saying how good it is, it’s really not. The only positive thing I have to say about this site is, there are bins. You might say it’s nice because it’s on a river, but that’s ALL it’s got going for it. As another review further down says, it’s got room for about “5 rigs”. That depends what rigs are there, and what you’ve got. We have a Troopy, towing a tinnie. There was a small 2 door car there, and a ranger towing a very large caravan. They took up most of the place. We were not able to fit. There were no flat spots, maybe besides where the caravan was, but unsure. I’d say it’s a good spot for a stop over if you’re really tired, with a swag or tent, but that’s it. It didn’t even look as though there was room enough to put out an awning. We ended up staying at Bunyip Park in town.

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Yacka Rd, Koolunga, South Australia

White Cliffs Reserve

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