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Timbo J.
5 years ago

Wow, such a beautiful drive thru some amazing bush to get to this camp. Simply gorgeous in it rugged arid harshness... I personally found the camp to be a bit too open and exposed for my liking, there was some shade, but it was minimal. However, the lack of a large number of trees surrounding the campsite opens up the backdrop view of the summit areas of Mt Beckworth, which is impressive, so I guess it comes down to personal choice. Long drop toilets, the latches were broken when I was there, no way of securing the doors closed and were clanging occasionally in the wind. One platform next to a fire pit which is behind a fence so you can’t pull your car up next to it. Exposed, no shade at all. Around the car park area granite rocks with scattered gumtrees for shade where people have camped and created their own fire pits. Good Optus 4g reception in most parts of the camp except at the bottom where it dropped down to 3G. No water at all (byo), heaps of firewood close by, a couple of nice hikes including to the summit. If this camp isn’t to your taste, you pass The Dam on your way which has a nice small campsite (not listed in this app) and there is also Manna Gum camp (my fav of the three), but note neither of them have toilets.

Photo of Cork Oaks

Cork Oaks Track, Mount Beckworth, Victoria

Cork Oaks

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